Press Braking Forming

Although press forming appears to be a simple concept, maintaining accuracy can often be difficulty.  Precision bending is a function of both the press, the tooling, material alloy and the machine operator.  Material properties such as yield strength, hardness and ductility all affect the forming process.  At EMS precision bending is our specialty, from simple brackets to intricate housings our metal forming capabilities

Equipment Capabilities:

CINCINNATI - 90-350 Pro Form Press Brake
90 Ton x 12’ bed w/NC back gauge

The Proform + has dual pressure transducers on it hydraulic cylinders for increased tonnage accuracy and digital encoders to deliver +/- 0.0004” ram repeatability for close tolerance forming and higher part quality.

WYSONG -  MTH 250 -120 Press Brake
250 Ton x 10’ Bed